HEARTH Lookbook Mountain Home Style

Modern, contemporary, traditional... one fire and so many ways to express your style.

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Heat & Glo's Tiara II Gas Stove

Available with detailed casting in three colors, a 24" glass panel viewing area and detailed brick interior. Safe indoor air quality with Direct Vent technology. Conserves energy and operates during a power outage with IntelliFire Ignition System. Ideal for heating larger spaces. Sturdy, cast iron craftsmanship and intense flames add style and ambiance to any room.

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Heat & Glo's SimpliFire Electric Fireplace
Shown 70" Wall-Mount. Red Flame. Violet Backlit.

You can have a fireplace anywhere you have electricity. Just hang the unit, plug in and turn on the heat. Choices are fabulously individual including color and fire styles that warm up any room. Create a distinct contemporary look with Heat & Glo’s SimpliFire. Four models provide an instant upgrade to any space. 38, 58, 70 and 94-inch viewing areas. 100% efficient, adjustable heat. Standard multi-colored LED backlighting. Multiple intensity adjustments. Its better than watching the Fire Channel!

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Want a well-dressed stove or hearth? Accessorize.

We can help you choose the perfect hearth accessory from our enormous selection including andirons, bellows, fire glass, fire starters, fireplace blowers and fans, fireplace glass doors, fireplace grates, fireplace screens, firewood racks and carriers, gel fuel, hearth rugs, fireplace tools, wood stove steamers, kettles, trivets, paint and more.

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QuadraFire 3100 Limited Edition Wood Stove

When only the aroma of natural wood and the crackle of a perfectly kindled fire will do, we can help you heat your home efficiently, and beautifully. We carry top-of-the-line brands with a selection of contemporary and traditional styles. The QuadraFire 3100 (shown here) is outfitted with the patented QuadraFire Four-Point Burn system. An integrated wood storage bin holds one days worth of wood for added convenience, and adding any color 12 x 12 ceramic tile can personalize your stove. Automatic Combustion Control provides reliable, hassle-free heating. The 3100 is built to last.

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EcoSmart's 650SS Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Bio ethanol fires are eco-friendly, economical and eco-chic! Bio ethanol fuel allows you to enjoy the effect of an indoor fireplace anywhere in your home. Or, outdoors in a fire pit or a fire sculpture. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. And we’d love to help fire that!

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Montigo R-Series Single Sided Gas Fireplace

If your mountain home is contemporary, you’re in good company with gas fireplaces from Mountain Home Center. We have the largest selection and the best options in the region. Plus the know-how to advise you on the right choice; and, superb installation and care. Shown here the Montigo R-Series. A luxury model, power vent, linear fireplace with single sided and see through options.

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Modern. Contemporary. Traditional.

They used to be so functional. Simple. That’s how choosing a fireplace for your mountain home can be again. We’ll help you find and design the functional fireplace that is also a stylish showpiece and the perfect size for your home. “Shop” our digital gallery for inspiration and then visit our one-of-a-kind showroom featuring more than 50 working units — you can experience the look and feel of each style and type of unit on the market. Come in today to see for yourself, our expert sales team is here to help.

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Ornate. Sleek. Understated. Unique.
What's your Mountain Home style?

The good news is, today’s stove selection for your mountain home is bigger and better than ever. The bad news is, there are so many choices, you could be overwhelmed. Do you prefer the clean burn and hassle-free benefits of gas, the crackle of a perfectly kindled fire, or the eco-friendly advantages of bio-fuel pellets? What about cost efficiency, operation, heat output, new technologies? We can help. We’re your go-to provider for knowledgeable service, stylish selections and best prices throughout the region.

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