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Mountain Home Center


While the trend may be for long and linear, traditional styling still has its place in most mountain homes. Full view options, realistic log sets and flame make it all too real. The ease of use and efficiency declares 21st Century! No chopping and stacking wood. No ashes. Provides an instantaneous fire.

Gas Traditional

If your Mountain Home is contemporary, you’re in good company with gas fireplaces from Mountain Home Center. We have the largest selection. The best options. Plus the know-how to advise you on the right choice; and, superb installation and care. Here are the pros for gas. Right up front…Easier. No chopping and stacking wood. No ashes. Provides an instantaneous fire.

Gas Contemporary

When only the aroma of natural wood and the crackle of a perfectly kindled fire will do. We can help you heat your home efficiently, and beautifully with wood fires from Mountain Home Center. Come in today for best selection and best prices.


Now you can have a fireplace anywhere you have electricity. Just hang the unit, plug in and turn on the heat. Or have our professional installers hide the cord and hang to your specifications. The choices are fabulous including color and fire styles and warms up any room.


Eco Smart bio ethanol fires are eco-friendly, economical and eco-chic! Basically bio ethanol fuel allows you to enjoy the effect of an indoor fireplace anywhere in your home. Or, outdoors in a firepit or a sculpture. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. And we’d love to help fire that!

Bio Ethanol

Choose from traditional and contemporary gas models, as well as wood burning fireplaces. There’s nothing more luxurious or romantic than an outdoor fire. And, nothing more practical in our neck of the woods.

Outdoor Non-EPA