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FireplaceX Pro Builder Linear 42

The Perfect Balance of Beauty and FunctionThe ProBuilder Series™ of Linear Gas Fireplaces are the perfect choice for anyone seeking a beautiful, reliable and economical way to heat their home. With the ProBuilder Series™, you get more heat for less; that’s more features and benefits than any other value-priced linear gas fireplace available, plus heavy duty construction and quality craftsmanship to ensure years of dependable warmth.

The ProBuilder 42 Linear is the smallest fireplace in the lineup, featuring 42” wide by 15” tall glass. This model is ideal for living spaces such as bedrooms or family rooms. The tall dancing flames will enchant, while the tranquility of the Tumbled Stone Fyre-Art™ relaxes and soothes. The Polished Gray Concrete Mantel from our Custom Shop further complements the room’s dynamic.