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Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500 RSIB LP


Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500 RSIB LP
MSRP $1,999*

*Deliver to driveway/garage/unassembled, flat in box $0. Zone 1 and 2 WHEN IN THE AREA Driveway delivery requires signature.

Additional Services:
Assembly $100
Standard Delivery to location other than driveway/garage- Zone 1- $95, Zone 2 $145
Non-Standard Delivery to be estimated based on pre-site
Old BBQ Disposal- $75 with purchase of new BBq- does not include disconnect or possible disassembly or 4man removals. BBQ must be cleaned prior to our arrival. MHC is not responsible for grease or ash stains.




Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500 RSIB
Infrared Side & Rear Burner
80,000 BTUs
Matte Black
Lighted Dials