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Pink Himalayan Salt Grilling Plates and Shot Glasses

Aug 14, 2016 | Home Decor, Outdoor Living

Cook your food on it. Season your food with it. Shoot your tequila out of it! Pink Himalayan salt is a trendsetting way to cook, chill and serve your favorite dishes. This mineral-rich salt block enhances the flavors of anything placed on it, giving food a complex palette.

When carved into a beautiful shot glass, it’s the perfect vehicle for margarita and tequila. No need to rim margarita glasses anymore.


Here are our top 7 reasons why Pink Himalayan salt block is a natural health tool that everyone needs in their kitchen.

1. Naturally imparts the health benefits of Himalayan pink salt into your food.
2. Gives food just a hint of salt.
3. Naturally anti-microbial surface, so you don’t have to worry about germs.
4. It has ability to withstand extremes ranging from 0°F to 700°F.
5. Superior heat distribution, ensures food is cooked evenly.
6. Holds temperature longer than other cooking surfaces.
7. Use it as a serving platter for anything from sushi to grilled vegetables.