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Cool Walls, Cool TV

Jan 19, 2021 | Hearth, Outdoor Living


Mountain modern design revolves around large open, connected spaces with a central focal point, many times it is a fireplace and hearth.

Historically, the heat, dust and soot produced by a fireplace made installing a television or entertainment system directly above the fireplace a bad idea, this design constraint resulted in wasted empty space and a fractured or less centralized design.

Now thanks to innovation in two key areas, a TV can safely be mounted above a fireplace.  By directing some of the heat produced by the fireplace to heat release vents above the fireplace we can achieve lower temperatures at the TV resulting in increased durability and longevity of the TV.

“Cool Wall” technology is achieved a number of different ways.  The end result is that now homeowners, architects and designers can now implement a design without the constraints dictated previously by the heat produced by the fireplace.

To learn more about the options for cool-wall installations visit these manufacturers or visit our showroom to talk with our fireplace experts.

A second area of innovation has occurred and is now available through Furrion Outdoor Entertainment.  TV’s and entertainment systems designed to withstand intense heat and cold in outdoor applications can also be mounted above a fireplace.

From here forward, very few limitations exist for placing a TV or entertainment system above the central focal point, fireplace in your mountain design.


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Ortal Three Sided Clear 170 TS Gas Fireplace
Clear-170TS with Double Glass
Furrion E4 Midsun TV
Furrion Outdoor Partial ShadeT
Clear-200TS with Double-Glass

Photos: and Furrion Entertainment