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Edible Watermelon Grill, with Fruit Kebabs

Aug 25, 2016 | Recipes

Show your barbecue who’s boss.

None of your friends have seen this creative barbecue idea before. An edible watermelon grill is as cute as it sounds. In fact, we can’t stop saying how cute it is! It’s just so darn cute! It’s easy to carve a small watermelon into a grill, then throw on a few fruit kebabs, for a centerpiece your guests will go crazy for.

Ingredients and Supplies:

1 small, round watermelon
3 celery stalks (soak in cold water in the refrigerator overnight to stiffen)
Red grapes (for the “charcoal”)
Assorted fruits for kebabs (watermelon balls, green grapes, pineapple, blackberries, tangerine segments) and cheese cubes.

Wooden skewers (for grill grates and kebabs)
Toothpicks (for securing lid)


1) Cut holes in the watermelon for grill legs

Make three holes slightly smaller than the size of your celery stalk in the bottom of the watermelon. They need to be nearer to the center for balance.
Watermelon Grill Grate Holes

2) Slice and hollow the watermelon

Slice the watermelon. The bottom piece should be slightly larger than the top piece. Using a melon baller, hollow out the watermelon bowls. Save the melon balls for the fruit skewers.
Watermelon Baller

3) Create the grill grate and add charcoal

Insert wooden skewers into the top edge of the larger watermelon bowl, pushing them through the other side until they’re flush with the rind. Remove 1 of the skewers, and place red grapes (or blackberries) in the bottom of the watermelon for the “charcoal.” Replace the skewer when done.

4) Trim the skewer ends for the grill grate

Trim the wooden skewer ends with wire cutters or a pair of kitchen shears until they’re flush with the rind.
Watermelon Grill Trimmed Grate Ends

5) Insert the celery for the grill legs

Cut three sturdy celery stalks so they’re the same length. For added stability, insert wooden skewers, hiding them in the middle of the celery stalks. Insert the stalks into the holes on the bottom of the watermelon. You may need to widen the holes slightly, but you want them to be tight.
Watermelon Grill Celery Legs

6) Make the fruit kebabs

Make the fruit kebabs with sliced cubes of pineapple, cheese, the watermelon balls, green grapes, and blackberries. (Feel free to make your own fruit selections. Some other fruit you may want to use: cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, raspberries. Make sure to have different colors represented.)
Fruit Kebabs

7) Make a grill lid

Prop the lid on the side of the watermelon grill by inserting more toothpicks to secure it in place.
Watermelon Grill With Lid

8) Put the kebabs on the grill

Place three fruit kebabs on the watermelon grill, and position the rest on a platter around the grill, for guests to eat.
Watermelon Grill With Kebabs

Now, isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve seen? Place it on your table as a centerpiece and bask in the glory of your work.

Edible watermelon shown on dining-height table from OW Lee’s Porcelain Reclaimed Series dining table. Chairs Cambria (Wrought Iron) Swivel Rocker & Spring Base Club Dining Arm Chairs.

Watermelon grill DIY directions, adapted from