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What’s Out Will Eventually Come Back In

Aug 21, 2015 | Outdoor Living

Palazzo pants. Caftans. Jumpsuits. They’re baaaaaack from the 60s and 70s and they’re more stylish than ever.

We’re seeing a resurgence of mid-Century style in furniture too. If you missed it the first time around, check out Lloyd Flanders latest lines especially all-weather wicker.

Lloyd Flanders Mackinac

Like the island that inspired its design, this collection is suspended in a forgotten, innocent time. Romantic styling, bold woven vinyl framework and luxuriously comfortable seating.

Mackinac Island, Michigan is a 3.8 sq. mile area of awesomeness located in Lake Huron. If you haven’t been, GO! You’ll arrive by catamaran and you’ll get around like they did in 1898, by horse, foot or bike. There have never been cars on the island. That means no horns. No smog. Just fudge, ferries and fabulous accommodations. For more about the Island pronounced “Mackinaw” visit

Out Or In?

Not far from Mackinac (as the crow or airplane flies) looms Nantucket Island, MA.
[ ] A different kind of holiday. A different kind of island. But just as beautiful in its own right and a pleasure to observe from the porch rocker of a quaint B&B.

The inspiration from Lloyd’s Nantucket Porch Rocker is no secret here. Available in 20 custom Loom finishes and an even broader selection of cushion and pillow fabrics. Whether you use the porch rocker outside or in is up to you. It’s at home in either setting.

In 1906, Marshall B. Lloyd developed the Lloyd Loom process for creating fine woven furniture.

Today, each of their trend setting collections, offered with their original all-weather wicker are individually hand crafted for comfort, warmth, high-end style and years of enjoyment. Lloyd Flanders believes great craftsmanship, design and durability are all intertwined. That is why their furniture has become a part of so many lives.

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Nova. Classically… Lloyd Loom

Lloyd “Loom” is a patented weaving process that makes Lloyd Flanders the most sought-after all-weather wicker available. And the Nova collection is one of the most stunning examples of contemporary casual seating with an expansive selection of groupings designed by Mathias Hoffmann.